3rd Party Privacy Policies

To help us deliver services we at Elite Limited share information and data with various 3rd party apps. We list those apps here and outline the agreements in place:


Google Inc.

We use Google Analytics to help us understand the way people use Elite Limited so we can make it better and communicate relevant information to users. To provide this, Google collects anonymised statistical data about the use of our website and applications.

Read Google Analytics’ Privacy Policy



Kayako is our ticketing system that we use to communicate with our customers and allows them to raise Service Requests and report incidents. This is the main tool used to manage the workflow for our support teams.




We primarily use Slack for internal electronic communications. It’s likely these discussions will regard certain customers from time to time, and data in regard to those customers will be shared.

Slack store their Data in USA Data Centres and have certified with EU-US Privacy Shield https://slack.com/privacy-shield-notice & https://slack.com/gdpr



Asana is a project management tool that Elite uses as a method of tracking internal improvements, provisioning (BB & ETH) and other projects that require task management. Details on Asana’s adherence to GDPR can be found: https://asana.com/security-statement



GoCardless is a 3rd party service we utilise to process Direct Debit Payments. Our systems only act as a pass-through for your banking information and Elite does not directly store any of your financial information. The copies of Direct Debit Mandates that are available through the customer portal only record the last two digits of the bank account in question with no other personally identifiable information. Further information on GoCardless security statement can be found here: https://gocardless.com/security/. We are awaiting further declarations from them in regards to GDPR in particular although as they are governed by the FCA their security will be in a compliant nature.


Atlassian – Status Page

The status page is the system we employ to manage our direct to customer communications in regards to Service Uptimes, Incidents and Scheduled Maintenance Announcements. In order to ensure swift and accurate communication with our customers, this system does contain customer and personal information. We at Elite manage and maintain the information stored on this system both manually and through an API to keep data accurate and up to date, part of our obligation and dedication to being a responsible data processor and handler. Further information on the developers of this application’s commitments to privacy and security can be found here: https://www.atlassian.com/trust/privacy &




Sendinblue is a marketing tool to allow us to bulk email segments of our customer base to promote related services, to inform about changes and improvements to existing services and other marketing tasks. We utilise this facility responsibly and further information about their GDPR considerations can be found here:



Cloudflare Inc.

Cloudflare provides content distribution, security and DNS services for web traffic transmitted to and from Elite Limited. It allows us to efficiently manage web traffic and help secure the application from malicious activity. The primary information Cloudflare has access to is information in and associated with the Elite Limited website URL that the user is interacting with (which includes End-User IP address). All information (which will include service data) contained in web traffic transmitted to and from Elite Limited is transmitted through Cloudflare’s systems, but Cloudflare does not have access to this information.

Our relationship with Cloudflare is governed by a specific (GDPR compliant) EU Data Processing Agreement.