Have you ever thought that 12-months are too long for a broadband contract? Well, that’s now changed – as of today, we’ve released a 30-day contract for FTTC connections across the board to our Channel Partners and Wholesalers. By doing this, we will enable you to have a more flexible service that is better suited to your clients’ ever-changing connectivity requirements.

By offering our Partners, Wholesalers a back-to-back service to what we receive, we are enabling you to provide your clients more flexibility to upgrade to different products if the customer requirement outgrows the physical service. It will also empower you to install a higher bandwidth temporary solution if any Ethernet product delivers are hindered by delays or the installation timeframes are longer than expected.

FTTC has been historically seen on 12-month contracts since its release, but due to market feedback requesting a more flexible broadband solution and ongoing pressure by Ofcom, FTTC contracts have now been decreased to 30-days.

The contract length improvement will be seen on all new FTTC 40/10 and 80/20 orders placed from today’s date, if the 30-day option is selected, as out of contract Fibre Broadband products are already on 30-day terms due to our “No auto-renewal” policy that we have with our Partners and Wholesalers.

If you’re not partnered with Elite and would like to look into what we can do, why not get in touch?

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