Great value Cloud Servers for all requirements in PCI DSS compliant Datacentres

Cloud Servers are a needed for a whole host of applications, companies requiring instant scalability, high-preforming security, and data to be stored off-site benefit hugely. some companies in the past have avoided the cloud, mainly due to security fears. However, 87% of organisations who have on-site server clusters report some kind of security breach, opposed to a fraction of that who utilise the cloud. Therefore, it’s a lot more secure than you might think.

Thinking of Moving to the Cloud?

Calling on years of experience and from a company that has built its own network from the ground up,  we have written you a useful free eGuide for your journey to the cloud, including best practises and what to do on your road to the cloud. 

Download the free eGuide!Graham Stewart,  Academia Limited

Since partnering with Elite, they have provided a bespoke platform over which we can deliver services to our customers at great value. They are now a key technology partner providing us with unrivalled security, knowledge and the ability to scale our solution as our business and customers grow.

There are many types of cloud, not all are suitable. 

Below you’ll find some helpful information on what the different types are and how they will benefit your company.


Public Cloud 

Our Public Cloud service provides secure virtual machines for your company on our multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. From our Public Cloud, you will achieve great cost-efficiencies as the cloud infrastructure is built upon a shared platform, providing private virtual machines for individual organisations.


Private Cloud

A Dedicated Private Cloud offers your own Cloud infrastructure based on your own dedicated hardware and resources. We design and configure a hardware configuration that best meets your actual business needs and in addition, provides that extra layer of security – vital for those with sensitive data storage requirements.


Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid Cloud offers your organisation the best of both worlds. Private dedicated compute nodes, offering exceptional high performance, backed by shared enterprise SAN storage, offering resilient high-performance flexible storage for when you need it.


Cloud Backup (CDP)

Robust backup of your critical data is essential to protect business continuity. Elite offers scalable cloud backup storage that will stretch to fit every piece of data that you want to back up. And there’s no CAPEX, saving users from hardware investments, license upgrades and the overall hassle of running backups in-house.

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