Elite is proud to announce that we are sponsoring Rugby Against Cancer. According to Cancer Research UK “Cancer causes more than one in four of all deaths in the UK” and “1 in 2 people in the UK will be diagnosed with Cancer in their lifetime”. We have decided to back this incredible cause and help charities that are constantly battling to beat Cancer.

Rugby Against Cancer is an initiative set up to improve the lives of people with Cancer by raising funds for different Cancer charities through Rugby games. The idea for Rugby Against Cancer came about when Aaron Beesley, the founder of this worthwhile cause, lost a couple of friends to Cancer in 2018. He had also heard about a few local rugby players who had been affected by Cancer.

Aaron said: “I began to realise that I personally know 5 people who have/had Cancer that are involved in my local clubs and I’ve seen how it has affected these people and those who know them, not only do I know these guys but I’ve also had very close family and friends who have had Cancer and I have seen first-hand the effect that this awful Cancer has on them and also their family and friends. So, I decided to call on the awesome rugby community to help raise awareness and funds for different Cancer charities so I then Launched Rugby Against Cancer.”

Since then, several high-profile players have contacted Aaron to host and support events to raise funds for different Cancer charities. Two professional rugby players have now become ambassadors for the initiative: Joe Batley – a local Hampshire player who is playing Premiership Rugby for Bristol Bears – who was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma, a form of Cancer which affects the body’s lymphatic system. He has now fully recovered and is back playing 1st team rugby for the Bears; and Will Spencer – another Hampshire born player who is currently playing for Leicester Tigers (after spending time with Bath and Worcester Warriors) – even though Will is not affected by Cancer himself, he has had family and friends affected by it.

Rugby Against Cancer has entered into several 7’s/10’s and 15’s social tournaments to push the initiative and maximise awareness and support. They also have launched Southsea 10’s – a charity 10’s tournament which they plan to grow year on year to reach an even bigger audience and establish a national presence.

Aaron’s vision for the future of Rugby Against Cancer is to host an event in every city across England to raise funds and more importantly awareness for local and national Cancer charities. He hopes to achieve this by keeping the flagship events throughout the year, in order to maintain the support to local charities. We wish Aaron all the success with his vision for the future of Rugby Against Cancer and hope to keep being part of this amazing initiative to help raise funds for Cancer charities.


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