Ethernet internet solutions: guaranteed connectivity for your business

What would happen to your business in the event of an internet slowdown, or worse, an outage? Would you still be able to carry out your activities? And would your customers and suppliers be able to get in contact with you? The answer is most likely no.

Most organisations require a commercial internet connection in order to conduct their normal activities, meaning that a reliable internet connection has become one of the most critical elements to smoothly running an organisation. Business-grade internet solutions such as Ethernet Fibre or ‘Leased Lines’ can give you that peace of mind and save you a lot of money. But how?           

While the majority of people think that a business-grade solution can cost more than broadband, and it does. However, having an Ethernet solution can actually save a company money and protect against the potential losses the business would face in case of an internet slowdown or outage.                        

And that’s not all. There are other advantages to choosing a business-grade solution. Unlike broadband, Ethernet Fibre was designed for businesses, not the residential market, making it a comprehensive optical service that comes with a set of guarantees:    

  • Speed – The speed and bandwidth does not fluctuate, and the upload speed is equivalent to the download speed.
  • Latency – Drastically decreased latency due to the fibre’s dedicated optical infrastructure.
  • Low Cost – The price is considerably lower than it was a few years ago, and it’s still decreasing. For businesses, the cost often outways revenue/staffing losses if you were to lose your internet connection.
  • Service – Business-grade internet solutions also come with guaranteed one day fix and 24/7 support.
  • No contention – Ethernet services are a dedicated connection, meaning that the bandwidth is exclusively for your business and cannot be accessed by anyone else; making it faster to upload and download content than with a broadband connection, as you are not affected by other people’s usage across the national network.
  • Scalability – The bandwidth can be expanded up to 10Gbps in line with your business’s demands and requirements.                        

Choosing a business-grade internet solution will ultimately save you money and time. At Elite, in addition to being a nationwide connectivity carrier, we offer our own Ethernet Fibre services to over 136,000 postcodes in London, Birmingham and Manchester, to bring you the lowest cost, highest-quality connectivity in the UK. For more information on how you can start saving money on your business internet solution read more on our Ethernet services.

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