Important Changes to the Tollon Customer Portal


Why are we doing this?
Maintaining two separate customer portals is time-consuming, counterproductive and confusing to customers. We would much rather develop new and improve exciting services for our valued customers. Moving your account to our portal also means you have access to a new range of services not previously available via the Tollon portal.

Can I still manage my existing Tollon domains and services?
Yes. We’re providing a new version of the Tollon portal that will provide full compatibility, so you can continue to manage your existing domains and services. There will be a link on your account homepage in the new portal that will give you seamless access to this facility.

Will my invoicing change?
Your invoicing will continue on the same basis as before, with the exception that all future invoices will originate from the Elite billing system and on Elite branded letterhead.

Will the way I pay for services be affected?
Yes. If you wish to pay for invoices automatically then you can set up a direct debit mandate with us from within the portal. It will still be possible to make one-off ad-hoc payments by credit/debit card, however, we will be discontinuing automatic payment for services by way of credit/debit cards.

What if I still have unpaid invoices in the old Tollon portal?
If you still have outstanding invoices, then you will still be able to settle them, as you did previously, by using the Elite branded version of the Tollon portal. All new invoices will be generated and accessible only in the main Elite portal.

What will happen to my outstanding support tickets?
We’ll be winding down the existing Tollon support system. You’ll still be able to respond to and update existing support tickets, however, you won’t be able to create new tickets using this older system. There will be a link to Elite’s modern and user-friendly support ticket system on your Elite account home page; you should use this to create new support requests.

Posted on May 15th, 2017 by Matthew Rogers

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