Elite is proud to announce the launch of new Openreach OSA Filter Connect product to our Partners & Wholesalers. OSA Filter Connect has been designed to offer end-users the ability to have scaleable bandwidth from 10Gbps synchronous to 100Gbps synchronous without having to regrade the fibre due to configuration limitations or port speeds in the local exchange.

OSA Filter Connect is one of the newest technologies for high-capacity, optical fibre data transfer between two locations. The hybrid fibre bridges and combines Dark Fibre, Ethernet Point to Points and Wavelengths to offer flexibility and scalability.

The end-user will be presented with an NTU for management, and a MUX (Multiplexer) which uses different light wavelengths to deliver scalable bandwidth. In addition to the 10Gbps active based product, there would be up to eight/sixteen additional channels to use on a dual fibre pair; to which each can be lit at bandwidth’s ranging from, 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps.

By being at the forefront of technology and product releases, we are giving our Partners and Wholesalers the ability to offer these new revolutionary technologies to their customers before anyone else; giving them the market edge in such a competitive industry. We will be putting together Sales and Marketing documentation for them to use in the up and coming days. However, as always, their Account Managers have been giving full product training to support them and jump on ‘white label conference calls’ with the end-user to support them further.

Elite is able to offer OSA Filter connect countrywide as a LAN extension (Point to Point), or within 100KM to one of our On-net exchanges a WAN. Our On-net footprint can currently service over 136,000 postcodes covering Manchester, Birmingham and London for WAN services such as Ethernet Fibre and OSA Filter Connect, but is ever expanding and growing.

We have committed to the continuous development of our Next Generation Network Exchange rollout by setting forth a strategy for our Partners and Wholesalers based on the key business areas the most quotations are run, and where our Partners and Wholesalers see the most opportunity for them to deliver low-cost and high-uptime Ethernet services.

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