Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud solutions offer an organisation a resilient mix of virtual and shared cloud infrastructure. Private dedicated compute nodes offer exceptionally high performance, backed by shared enterprise SAN storage, giving you resilient high-performance, secure and flexible cloud resources for when you need it.

All cloud solutions, whether hybrid, private, or shared offer unique benefits to the end user. Public cloud services are often more cost-efficient and scalable than private clouds. Any business small or large can take advantage from the effectiveness of the hybrid cloud, by utilising public cloud services for all non-sensitive programs and documentation, then relying on the private cloud where sensitive data needs to be kept private.

A hybrid cloud configuration offers its users;

  • Dedicated resource pool: Dedicated resources on dedicated private compute nodes
  • Shared Enterprise SAN Storage: Lower TCO and increased flexibility of storage
  • High availability as standard: High availability and automatic fail-over as standard
  • Firewall protection: We provide Firewall protection as standard (if required)
  • Dedicated private VLAN:  In addition to any public interfaces, we can configure your own private VLAN environment between your virtual machines
  • CDP backup compatible: All our cloud offerings are fully compatible with our Continuous Data Protection Backup solutions, ask us about this if required
  • Lower TCO: Using shared storage enables a much lower TCO and capital outlay

hybrid cloud

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