Private Cloud

Dedicated private cloud from Elite offers you your own cloud infrastructure based on your own dedicated hardware and resources. Unlike public cloud, private offers you full control over enterprise and customer data, security, and issues connected to regulatory compliance. This is because the public cloud is only accessible by a single organisation, giving that company access to greater control and privacy.

We design and configure a hardware configuration that best meets your actual business needs and in addition, provides that extra layer of security – vital for those with sensitive data storage requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Physically private network: Your own private network of cloud servers
  • Dedicated hardware and resource pool: Dedicated resources on dedicated physical infrastructure
  • High availability as standard: High availability and automatic fail-over as standard
  • Live storage resilience: Resilient and secure private storage offering seamless fail-over and maximum elasticity
  • Dedicated switching: Dedicated physical redundant switching infrastructure
  • CDP backup compatible: All our cloud offerings are fully compatible with our Continuous Data Protection Backup solutions, ask us about this if required

private cloud

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