Public Cloud

Public cloud is one of the most recognised forms of cloud computing. Many organisations utilise the public cloud model due to its high-cost efficiencies. The public cloud is configured in a virtualised environment, using pooled physical resources, and accessible over an IP network (Internet). To some extent, this is similar to the private cloud in which the pool of computing resources that create the cloud platform are allocated and become accessible only a single organisation. However, public clouds give multiple clients access to the same shared infrastructure

At Elite, we take the headache out of managing your infrastructure. With our experts on hand to help you every step of the way, so if you are looking for truly scalable, high-performance cloud computing then look no further.

Features and benefits of Public Cloud

  • Dedicated resources: Dedicated resources on shared physical infrastructure
  • High availability as standard: High availability and automatic fail-over as standard
  • Flexible resourcing: Only pay for the resources you need
  • Firewall protection: We provide Firewall protection as standard (if required)
  • CDP backup compatible: All our cloud offerings are fully compatible with our Continuous Data Protection Backup solutions
  • Lower TCO: No capital expenditure or outlay means you can buy computing resource for the duration of your project
  • Maximise business productivity: Our High Availability Design ensures minimal downtime which means maximum productivity for your applications and business
  • Increase staff productivity: Not having to worry about Hardware & OS management means your IT staff can concentrate on your IT applications!
Public Cloud

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