Dark Fibre

What is Dark Fibre?

Dark Fibre, in short, is what the UK’s connectivity infrastructure is made from. It is a network of optical fibre which has no light bleed at all, making it capable of delivering some of the highest speeds around. One fibre network is operated by Elite and spans London. This particular optical network is what carries all of our customer data into our Data Centres.

What can I use it for?

Dark Fibre is most commonly used in Point to Point or Multi-Point to Point projects where between 1Gbps and 10Gbps isn’t sufficient enough to cope with demand. This Fibre is a future proof product that simply requires a new NTE (Network Termination Equipment) to increase bandwidth.

Due to the high data throughput, it is not necessary for many of the UK’s businesses to have such a connection. Companies such as Google have Dark Fibre to deliver the vast and ever growing amount of data needed. Another example of a company that may require Dark Fibre is a large Design Agency or Media Company, all due to the large amounts of data that needs to be transferred.

What can Elite do?

Elite can enable you to procure your own network. Some of the benefits for dark fibre are – control, security, scalability and even the ability to manage latency.  Customers who have Dark Fibre through Elite are able to fully control the network environment. Everything that passes through the fibre has the ability to be controlled, usually a NOC (Network Operation Centre) team will manage the light and manage the operation of the connection. However, in the event customer do not have a NOC team or the facilities to manage such a connection, Elite are able to manage it for them.

Features and benefits

  • Ability to manage the technology evolution of your high bandwidth data connections
  • Choice of all major dark fibre asset providers
  • Full design and management service available
  • Liaison with local tax authorities