FTTC Enterprise

FTTC Enterprise business broadband – Elites newest version of Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). The Enterprise variant of FTTC has been fully designed and implemented by Elite. This newly available, premium service comes on 36 month and 12-month contracts. This revolutionary new business broadband product is available to millions of customers in 1000’s of exchanges over the UK,

FTTC Enterprise was designed by Elite to bridge a large quality and price gap between regular FTTC and EFM. Thus, providing the SME market with a fast, more secure, reliable and cost-effective connection, which is scalable with their business and ever changing requirements.

You can expect super-fast speeds of up to 80Mbps download and 20Mbps upload, 3Mbps of which can be segmented solely for use with VoIP. This is called QoS. QoS is a voice call prioritization technique which is used by Elite on all connections where the customer is using a Hosted Voice or SIP Trunk solution.

FTTC Enterprise even comes with a free install. As this uses existing copper infrastructure the lead time is only 45 days unless migrating, then it only takes 10. Once this installation is complete the circuit will be handed over to us to connect and get you up and running.

Features and benefits

  • Super-Fast Speeds: Up to 80Mbps downstream on our highly available profile
  • QoS: Enabled to prioritise voice traffic
  • Free Juniper SRX110: Enterprise grade managed router
  • Free Install
  • Enhanced SLA: Fault report will be guaranteed clear within 20 hours of receipt
  • Unlimited Useage: We don’t believe in capping our customers. From this we only offer unlimited connections

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