IP Transit

IP transit gives you the option to be highly scalable at a moments notice. We peer directly with major ISPs, Content Providers and SIP carriers via our multiple peering connections at major peering exchanges and via private peering arrangements.

We can offer flexible delivery options to suit your requirements. Whether it be a Tier 2 mix of IP Transit or a choice of Tier 1 direct BGP sessions. We can also provide partial peering options.

Features and benefits

  • Billing options: commit or commit plus burst (95% billing)
  • BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) services
  • High-performance SLAs
  • Multiple Tier 1 upstream providers
  • Fully redundant network
  • IPv6-enabled
  • Expansive metro fibre network
  • Public and private peering at major Internet Exchanges
  • Interface options include 100Mbps, 1Gbps and 10Gbps

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