Elite’s multiple 10Gbps wave infrastructure allows clients and other network operators to have an entirely private optical wave network solution without having to buy more expensive Dark Fibre and hardware solutions. Waves, also known as Spans, can provide 1Gbps, 10Gbps or n x 10Gbps connectivity options from multiple data centres.

Our entirely diverse DWDM waves are available from any of our core POPs and depending on the level of expertise, we can offer them as protected or non-protected. Elite also have the knowledge and technical ability to manage this solution for our clients thoroughly.

Wavelengths are very easily upgraded so if your business outgrows a one or 10Gb wave, we can simply and remotely provision a second for you. Wavelengths are a fully scalable and cost-effective solution for high bandwidth requirements.

Features and benefits

  • Available from any of our core POPs
  • Protected or non-protected options
  • 1Gbps, 10Gbps or n x 10Gbps options
  • Much lower OPEX than Dark Services
  • Very quick deployment times

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