Hosted Data Centre

Elite is one of the highest regarded hosted data centre hosting companies. Hosted data centre was designed for companies who wish to provide their customers with an entire solution from one of Elites colocation facilities.

Scalable data centre hosting in one of our leading data centres allows users to take full advantage of our next generation high capacity network and access to national infrastructure, Elite can manage the entire solution on your behalf and ensure smooth operation of traffic, switching, firewalling and security.

Features and benefits of Hosted Data Centre

  • Flexible and Scalable: Allowing for growth for you and your customers’ needs
  • Secure: Each of our Data Centres are highly secured facilities, ensuring data protection and peace of mind
  • Next Generation Network: Access to our next generation high capacity network spanning multiple key sites
  • National Reach: Whole of market national reach from the UK’s leading carriers
  • Optimised Traffic: Leading Tier 1 Transit Providers and peering on tap to suit your needs
Hosted Data Centre

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