Hosted Voice

Next generation Hosted Voice from Elite encompasses the very best of all hosted voice platforms available to you. We give you a complete hosted VoIP solution that is feature rich, cost effective, reliable and fully resilient. Furthermore, there is no need to install equipment that requires maintenance, costly upgrades, and technical capability. We have designed a full white label system that allows you to ‘plug and go’. This adds an entirely new meaning to the phrase “easy install”.

Below are just some of our best features that have been handmade just for you. By using Elite’s Hosted Voice, you will also benefit from a free setup and free call recording, combined with some of the lowest call costs in the UK.

Features and benefits

  • Free call recording: No one want’s to pay to store their calls, and why should you? You are paying for a comprehensive system that should give you everything for one low monthly cost, not charge you more when you need extras.
  • Cloud Calling: Never miss a call again with our unique Cloud Calling system. Our system allows all users to work from any location in the world and on any device.
  • Advanced Call Reporting: Our Call Reporting is comprehensive, allowing you to monitor user activity, bill customers from third-party applications and determine call flows, to name a few.
  • Smart Queuing: Smart Queuing will help you manage your calls. It intuitively manages callers then puts them straight through to the last person they spoke to. This saves time for the staff and also means your Sales team never miss a call from that prospective client.
  • Conferencing: Our Conferencing works around you. It has the necessary features to initiate a simple conference from your desk phone keypad to a full scheduled conference, where policy definition is necessary.
  • Presence: The Presence feature allows users to monitor the status of colleagues to who a caller is trying to reach. Presence will show the user if it is safe to transfer the call, saving the caller from being passed to a voicemail attendant.
  • Supervisor: Supervising and training are both crucial parts of any VoIP solution. With Elite, you are able to whisper to staff without the customer hearing, invaluable for training and complex enquiries.

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