Domain Name Terms and Conditions

Domain Names Terms and Conditions – Please read these conditions carefully, they set out the terms under which Elite Limited’s domain name facility is made available to you. By using these facilities you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

This contract is between the Registrant and Elite Limited.

Domain Name Pricing:

Popular Domains
.com 1 year £15.00
.net 1 year £15.00
.org 1 year £15.00
.biz 1 year £15.00
.info 1 year £15.00
.ws 1 year £15.00
.eu 1 year £17.00
.mobi 1 year £19.00 2 years £8.50 2 years £8.50 2 years £8.50 1 year £27.50 1 year £27.50 1 year £15.00 1 year £27.50 1 year £27.50 1 year £27.50
Restricted Domains* 2 years POA 2 years POA

*These domains have special restrictions. All prices exclude Vat.

Expiring domain name registrations:

When a domain name is due to expire you will receive an email, via our automated system, which will alert you 60 days before the domain name is due to expire.

GB.COM Domains:

In March 2016 Elite extended registration to April 2017, at no charge, for all domains using the sunsetting extension, and has offered a free two-year registration on a substitute extension, which can be any available from any extension from the following list:,,,,,,,,,,,,, as well as and .xyz. You are therefore entitled to a free 2-year registration for each domain affected.

This offer is time restrictive and will be removed from April 2017.

Renewing a domain name/ Charges for maintaining registration of a domain name:

You will receive an invoice for the renewal of the domain name 60 days before its expiration date. You can pay for the renewal of the domain name either by logging into your portal account and making an online payment, calling the accounts team or sending payment by cheque.

Charges for transferring away a domain name/Cancelling a domain names package:

We do not charge for the transferring away of a domain to another registrar or for the closing of a domain names package with us.

We will:

  • Consider all requests for domain name registrations and will accept or reject them in accordance with the guidelines laid down by Nominet, Melbourne IT and CentralNIC.
  • Submit all requests for domain registrations upon receipt of request and payment.
  • Once a request has been completed no refunds will be made by Elite Limited.
  • Domain names are registered with the relevant naming authority under the details as submitted by the
    client. Once payment has been made the domain becomes the property of the client.
  • The client shall maintain all future registration payments as they become due for their domain name – these payments will be made at the rate due on renewal.
  • Elite Limited reserves the right to halt the registration or transfer/release of a domain should there be any outstanding monies due.
  • Domain names are registered on a first come basis, and until the registrant receives confirmation of the
    registration there is no guarantee that the name will be registered on behalf of the registrant.
  • Should a customer need to contact Elite regarding domain name registrations/renewals/updates, Elite shall respond to the client within 2-hours.

Elite Limited may cancel or not process any domain registrations where:

  • The registration of the name is in conflict with the governing body guidelines.
  • A conflict of rights to a particular name may occur.

Elite Limited does not accept any responsibility for the use of registered domains, especially where there may be conflict over rights to ownership.

Elite Limited will do all they can ensure that the registrant’s details are submitted correctly but will not be held liable under any circumstances for loss of profit suffered by the registrant.

The registrant agrees that all details submitted in respect of a domain registration are true and correct.

The registrant must be able to demonstrate (should the need arise) that the registration of the domain name
and its use thereafter will not infringe the legal rights of any third party.

The registrant indemnifies Elite Limited from any legal proceedings and costs that arise as a result of
registration of a domain name.

Any data submitted which pertains to the registration of a domain name will not be made available to anyone
other than that which is made public by the relevant domain registering body.

Transfers of domain names will be undertaken as soon as is possible, but Elite Limited shall not be held
responsible for any losses incurred by the registrant during the time taken to release the domain. This
service is provided by Elite Limited free of charge to the registrant.

Elite Limited reserve the right to make alterations to these Terms and Conditions at any time.
These Terms and Conditions constitute the entire agreement between Elite Limited and the registrant of the domain name.


If you experience or witness abuse from any Elite network services, including domain names,  i.e.  spam, phishing emails etc. You must report this to our abuse team as soon as possible by forwarding any correspondence to

Please view Nominet’s Terms & Conditions below:


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